Ganesh J. Acharya

I, Ganesh J. Acharya work as a Chief Media Officer at, as a Proprietor at Seashell, as a student of GOD via who’s help this website is being updated in a gradual manner. Studying is a work as well, thereby don’t be surprised. In a career span from 1999, while studying, I started towards software development (included website designing-development) while working with father, who run an advertising firm, at Ballard Pier, Mumbai.

Having experienced being born in an environment, where commercial advertising was a resource for bread, I have learnt certain segments of it, right from day I started watching father working on them.

Father used to become ferocious when I discussed with people techniques that I knew. I was initially very upset at father’s behavior, but then today I realize it was partially the right thing to do. As knowledge must be spread wisely towards the people who are doing what they can to become good only. When you open Bhagavad Gita, and start reading it, you will realize GOD did not allow Arjuna to teach a part of Bhagavad Gita to unqualified people. He asked Arjuna to check the criteria and then thereafter disclose. The criteria that GOD informed, did not refer any information about a caste or class of a person, but referred certain good qualities that are necessary to be checked, in a person at that point, when the secret is disclosed.

Again, that does not mean I am going to keep everything with me and die one day with them. I am blogging certain parts of what I know with the help of GOD. If you learn them well and I notice you are putting them to a good practice, I will do what I can to disclose more of it, and even all of it, if you deserve. And money is not that criteria, goodness is. And it does not matter, even if I die not disclosing many ideas, since there is GOD to disclose them to you when the right time comes. As of now please visit the blog posts over here for whatever I can publicly discuss at this moment.

Defeating evil is like a cat and mouse chase, whereby, if you are not cautious enough and overlook evil in people, evil wins. And thereafter it will make the overall experience of people around bad. So, only disclosing what I can, being helpless not finding an alternate way at this moment. If there is one, I am always with open ears and mind to hear the same.

People including me, may remain careless about the drawbacks if we start getting goodies without working to fix the drawbacks. So, thereby you will see many interesting facts that I know over here, but not everything I know is over here. The topics here will be about GOD, Veda, Search Engine Optimisation, Landing Page Optimisation, UI-UX Optimisation, & Life Optimisation.

GOD indicated in Bhagavad Gita to be careful about not jumping into too multiple branches. Thereby I will restrict myself only towards the family vocation and try to focus into specific areas.

Working with Ganesh
I have known Ganesh Acharya for a long time. We are currently working together to improve the care outcomes in India. We run the not for profit advisory platform Healthcare India, where Ganesh serves as the Chief Media Officer. He has been volunteering his time for a while. Recently we witnessed a cyber attack where a hacker not only entered the site through a vulnerability but also changed the sitemap and added himself as an administrator. Ganesh worked day and night to help restore the site, he helped with the migration and got us to a more secure environment. 
I would recommend Ganesh to any firm who is looking for a qualified, experienced and ethical digital marketing expert.
Dr Vikram Venkateswaran
Founder and Chief Editor, Healthcare India

Shajahan Merchant
Director, Intellectual Capital Services, Inc.
Ganesh is a brilliant SEO-SEM professional, he has been able to build institutional capacity and produce amazing results.
Nikunj Shah
Leadership Position at Softype, Inc
Fantastic team player, easily adjustable and one of the most striking features is always willing to learn and impart knowledge. Most of my SEO knowledge is attributed to Ganesh. We are fortunate that Ganesh is a part of CoAction. He has ensured maximum leverage for CoAction brand building and wish him all the best for future.
Ryan Govindan
Founder of a data-driven marketing agency, Performious
Ganesh has been a great team member. His aggressive approach in learning new SEO techniques and delivery has really impressed me. I wish him all the luck with his new business.
Dhruv Shah
Founder and Proprietor
Ganesh is a good team leader with great knowledge of SEO/SEM. I have worked with him on one of the project for Kotak. I was amazed with his planning to manage online campaign and keeping a check on small things for smooth flow. The key for the same was, his research, that he would do before setting and planning campaign.
All the best Ganesh.